meet brooke


My name is Brooke & I’m one of the owners at Infinity Image & Design. I discovered my passion for photography in 2004 where I was lucky enough to land an apprenticeship with a talented local photographer. While working with her I had the opportunity to photograph everything from people, to animals, to multi-million dollar homes. She also introduced me to the world of graphic design where I was able to create ads that were placed in nationally publicized magazines. I have traveled around the country taking children photos at promotional events. These experiences have provided me with great opportunities and learning experiences. Photography is my passion and I strive on creating nothing but the best for my clients. I have a beautiful boy, Owen, that was born in 2012 and another little boy, Ryan, who was born in 2016. Here’s a little fun fact sheet about me:

My favorite color: Red. If there was an anonymous group for people obsessed with red, I’d be the president. My entire kitchen is decked out in red Kitchen-Aid appliances and red  dishes.

Food: Spaghetti. My parents told me when I was little if I didn’t stop eating so much pasta I’d turn into a noodle. Luckily this didn’t actually happen and I still love eating my pasta.

Movies: The Ugly Truth. Just love the chemistry between Katherine Heigl and Gerard Butler.

Music: While I love a large variety of music, my go to is usually hip hop music because I love to dance.

My hobbies: Love me some good old fashion board games, camping, traveling and spending countless hours on Pinterest finding amazing stuff like recipes, and ideas for cool new photos.

Tidbit: I’m a total goofball. I WILL do everything in my power to make you “genuinely smile” during your session. Please don’t judge…or at least laugh with me, or I might have to do the chicken dance lol.

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